My Real Life Adoption Story

Have you ever waited for something for so long that you begin to doubt that it’s in the cards for you? And if you’re lucky, when finally happens your heart just bursts and all that waiting was totally worth it because you couldn’t possibly imagine another outcome? 

>>Well Buttercup, in today’s podcast episode I want to take you on the journey of meeting my daughter for the first time.<<

Yes, I just said my DAUGHTER. I waited years to say those words and today I get to say it publicly on this podcast. 

For years, my husband and business partner JD & I were determined to start our family through adoption. We looked into international adoption, foster to adopt, different agencies and attorneys.

We were sooooo ready to will our experience as parents into existence but we had no idea the years of heartache and longing we would endure before we would be placed with our healthy, happy, and beautiful baby girl. 

So many of you have been on this journey with us and I can’t even begin to describe how your constant encouragement, prayers and presence impacted us during this season.

But now we cannot WAIT to share with you the process we went through, the mindset that got us through it and the incredible story of the week that changed our lives forever.   

Join us step by step as we share our story… with a few tears along the way… by clicking play >>HERE<<.

P.S, Love Jasmine

And friend, if you are in a season of waiting: I want to encourage you to hold on to hope. It’s easy to hide our pain on the outside, but if we take a step back, I feel like many of us are hurting below the surface. So if you're in a rough spot, if you're tired of being in a constant cycle of waiting, if you're hopelessly wondering if your time will arrive, I see you. I'm sorry you're hurting, but don't give up hope. I want to let you know that you're not alone. And I can tell you that if you don't give up… what's on the other side is better than what you could’ve ever hoped for and it's waiting for you. 

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