Launching Your Business Before You’re Ready | Business Boutique Q+A Panel

Are you ready to be taken to business church?!

Good, because I’m about to preach atcha in this panel Q&A I did at Business Boutique with four other AMAZING business owners. *You’re going to be saying allllll the “Amens” after this!

In this episode, you’re going to hear everything from: 

  • How to narrow down your focus when you're multi-passionate
  • What to do when you're spinning your wheels and not moving forward 
  • How to launch your business before you're ready
  • How to set goals with the end in mind 

As business owners, we often have a lot of ideas floating inside these wild heads of ours.

Some of them won't be for you to make a business out of, and some of them won't be for you to keep for yourself..

But we are given these ideas for a reason, so don't try to throw any of them away. Use them for what it is that they were made to do!

>>Give yourself permission to test new things out, follow those crazy ideas, set higher goals than you usually would… but always know your purpose, the main reason you are doing what you are doing.<<

Friend, I’m going to stop there because this episode is SOOO packed full of business nuggets that I want you to start listening ASAP and get all you can out of it! So click >>HERE<< to join in on this amazing conversation. 

Shout out to the incredible Christy Wright & Dave Ramsey’s Business Boutique, as well as all the amazing panelists who slayed this Q&A! 

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listen to the episode:

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