The Secret To Growing On Instagram | Pays To Be Brave Keynote

What if I were to tell you the secret to Instagram is to stop growing? Hold up, put that car in reverse and back it up.  

Did I lose you already? Or are you still with me? 

You better still be with me, because boo this is going to radically change your world. 

Let’s get on the same page here. We think growing our Instagram will solve our monetization struggles. It only makes sense right? More followers equals more money? But my question to you is:

>>Are you converting your followers to customers?<<

Because if you don't know how to create customers on Instagram, getting more followers ISN'T the answer… They are just going to sit there like that pile of laundry from over the weekend you still haven’t gotten to. *Who am I kidding, I don't do the laundry!*

So now I bet you’re wondering: Jasmine, how do I turn my followers into clients? Well Buttercup, I thought you’d never ask!

My advice to you is to go deep, not wide

Not sure what I'm talking about, check out my podcast for the full details! I'm going to break down for you:

  • How to become the only option in your clients mind
  • How to know what your ideal clients are thinking
  • How to connect with them in an authentic way

… So you can make sales, even if you don't gain a single follower.

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