Is Networking WHO You Know, or WHAT You Know? | Interview on Travis Chappell’s Build Your Network Podcast

What is more important: WHO you know or WHAT what you know? 

I was recently asked that when I joined Travis Chappell on his podcast Build Your Network to discuss how to connect with people online to grow your business.

Here's the thing boo boo, you're going to be very hard pressed to find somebody who is worse at networking than me. *I’m all kinds of awkward* But I know how important it is and for me it’s all about what you know! But that’s contingent on if you’re willing to share it. 

>> Buttercup, knowledge ain’t worth a dime if you don’t go out and share it.<< 

The moment you go out and share what you know if when you will start building a tribe of people who are attracted to that and want to learn more. The best thing is that tribe comes to you and you don’t have to network anymore. That’s been the foundation of my business! 

It’s 2020, people! We don’t need to follow the 1980s way of networking. I think we can get stuck in the idea that it's all about connecting with people on a similar level, exchanging contact information and booking business at a cocktail mixer that had a hundred people at it.

*And you have 3000 business cards just in case type of thing, right?*

But it’s time to move away from that old style of exchange contact information. There are so many opportunities to grow your business by just being you and putting your information out into the world. 

Travis and I cover so much ground in this interview and I’m so excited for you to join in on it! Click >>HERE<< to start learning how to best network online. 

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