Five Mindset Shifts For Business Growth

I have four words for you…


Doors locked? Go through a window.

No windows? Climb to the roof and go through the vents.

And once you do get in the room (because if you want to bad enough, you will), remember: you belong there just as much as anyone else does.

This is just one of the many, MANY mindset shifts I’ve made over the past couple of decades. And in this episode, you’ll learn my top five mindset shifts that have transformed my business.

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(00:04:49) How I learned to leave room for miracles to happen.

(00:14:30) The first challenge I experienced with team trust and how it shaped my mindset in business.

(00:16:34) Why I felt SO betrayed and embarrassed while I was at a mastermind I attended.

(00:17:38) How I learned to change my negative self-talk.

(00:20:10) How my therapist helped me change my self-perception.

(00:24:18) An unusual exercise that showed me who my real “opponent” was.

(00:25:31) Why I unintentionally pulled back from sharing my life and the impact it had on my relationships.

(00:33:31) How I overcame envy, shifted to gratitude, and celebrated others' success.

(00:35:34) The unexpected shift that attracted more opportunities to me.

(00:39:00) My latest (very large and exciting) investment.

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