How to Rewrite a Better Story For Your Future with Megan Hyatt Miller

Wanna know what really holds entrepreneurs back?

… it’s not lack of funds.

… it’s not lack of time.

… it’s not lack of influence.

It’s the story they’re telling themselves around these perceived “limitations”.**

But the good, no GREAT, news: You can tweak, change, and rewrite the story however many times you need to.

In fact, in this episode, Megan Hyatt Miller, the CEO of Full Focus, shares exactly how to rewrite and believe your new story. (Because let’s be real: if you don’t believe your new story—it won’t work.)

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(00:00:40) How to identify the story you’re telling yourself.

(00:02:01) The role the brain plays in interpreting events and the importance of questioning the stories we tell ourselves.

(00:02:59) The importance of creating a new, positive story to replace the old, limiting one.

(00:05:19) How to reframe our thoughts.

(00:08:37) A lie business owners often tell themselves.

(00:10:30) Megan’s personal health example to show how changing the story can lead to different actions and results.

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