Flash Fire Business Q&A: My Personal Insights and Marketing Strategies

Real talk: there is nothing I want more (not even a lifetime supply of tacos y tapatio) than to see you build the business you so truly deserve.

That's exactly why, in this episode, I’m answering questions from business owners just like you to help you reach that next level.

From validating business offers through beta testing, to sharing strategies for building an email list with a personal touch, I've got you covered.

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(00:01:13) What I personally recommend doing when beta testing and pre-selling your offers.

(00:05:04) My BEST strategies for building and engaging an email list.

(00:10:18) Signs indicating it's time to move to the next level in business.

(00:13:27) A strategy that’ll give you peace of mind and help you be more productive in life and business

(00:18:14) The importance of engagement for business conversions.

(00:22:00) The process of making data-driven decisions in business.

(00:24:24) The specific metrics and topics I consider when making decisions about my podcast's content.

(00:27:39) The one most common (and most important) marketing mistake.

(00:29:13) My experience and approach to balancing joy and revenue in business.

(00:31:35) How to generate revenue from other aspects of the business to support fun and joy in projects.

(00:34:10) A GREAT way to gain experience, proximity, and knowledge from others in the industry.

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