How I REALLY Feel About Creating Content in Public

Unrehearsed, unrefined, and completely from my heart… THIS is exactly what you can expect during the next six minutes together.

You see, I love (like really love) researching, writing, preparing, and creating content for you.

But this episode is different, it wasn’t done for the sake of creating content. This is actually a segment of a Q&A inside of Your Biggest Launch Ever. I was asked, “Do you ever get embarrassed creating content in public?”

And in short: I do… (just ask my ex-neighbor who caught me on Zoom dancing to Toxic by Britney Spears while creating a Reel) but it’s deeper than that.

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(00:00:01) A GREAT question one of my students in Your Biggest Launch Ever asked me.

(00:01:40) My (very) unprepared, heartfelt response to her question.

(00:02:47) One specific and embarrassing incident that happened to me while recording and how I handled it.

(00:04:39) The importance of not letting feelings of embarrassment stop you from building a business and taking action.

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