How to Reach IMPOSSIBLE Goals with Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Hear me out: What if you set the bar higher than you could ever imagine…

What if you allowed yourself to dream so big that it terrified you simply because you knew you’d have to let go of the things (strategies, offers, businesses) that are currently working, to get there?

This is what it means to “10x” your goals and when Dr. Benjamin Hardy explained how to do this and why it’s easier than just “2xing” them—my mind was blown.

Perhaps one of my favorite moments of the episode was when he said, “Going for an impossible goal forces you to let go of a lot of what you thought was true, and that's the beauty of it—it forces you to let go of outdated models and perspectives.” OK, WOW.

In this episode, you’ll learn the importance of exploring and pursuing impossible goals and the mindset that will help you develop the strategies to achieve them.

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(00:03:43) How Dr. Benjamin Hardy helps people and organizations achieve impossible goals.

(00:05:51) The concept of “10x is Easier than 2x”.

(00:06:53) Why we must reframe the past to shape the present and future.

(00:08:13) A conversation on how your future self determines who you are in the present.

(00:10:51) Factors that stop entrepreneurs from reaching 10x goals.

(00:13:22) The BEST way to reframe the past.

(00:14:59) What it means to set a high floor for goals and filter out strategies to achieve impossible goals.

(00:17:01) The 80/20 principle and its importance when achieving impossible goals.

(00:23:14) The purpose of setting big, audacious goals and why it’s a good thing they create a “crisis in the present”.

(00:37:42) How to deal with challenges and limiting beliefs when going after impossible goals.

(00:38:16) The role risk and resources play in pursuing ambitious goals.

(00:40:39) Dr. Benjamin Hardy explains how you can use the future as a tool.

(00:50:45) Sneak peek of the upcoming book release of Dr. Benjamin Hardy.

(00:53:44) Dr. Benjamin Hardy explains what you need to unlearn and let go of when pursuing impossible goals.

(00:55:28) The importance of “psychological flexibility” in creating a new identity.

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Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Dr. Benjamin Hardy is an organizational psychologist and author of 8 books, including 3 with the legendary entrepreneurial coach, Dan Sullivan. Dr. Hardy’s books have sold nearly 1 million copies. While a PhD student from 2015-2018, he was the #1 blogger in the world on and had nearly 1 million people opt in on his email list without any paid advertising. Also during his PhD, he and his wife, Lauren, went from 0-5 kids in 1 year, 3 of whom they adopted from the foster system. They now have 6 kids and live in Orlando because Lauren is a Disney buff.

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