The Advice I Needed to Hear When I Started My Business: My 2024 Whittier Commencement Speech

Maybe you’ve asked yourself this question…

…“What is THIS all for?”

It's a question that digs at the heart of purpose, pushing you to consider the true meaning behind the endless amount of work.

And to this day, I wonder if my grandmother asked herself this question. She moved to East LA to work in a sweatshop, taking three buses to work after dropping off her three kids at school, one with special needs—getting home with just enough time to put dinner on the table and send the kids to bed.

Maybe she knew that one day her hard and treacherous work would pave the way for her granddaughter to not only go to college but to come back to deliver a commencement speech.

In this (very short) episode, you’ll learn the four qualities that’ll take you SO far in life and business.

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(00:00:00) My personal (and emotional) experiences at Whittier College.

(00:02:35) The four qualities that’ll take you far in life and business.

(00:06:50) My words to YOU when finding your purpose and making a positive impact on future generations.

(00:07:46) The sacrifices my grandmother made for me to live the life I do today.

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