Homeless to CEO: How to Build a Legacy and Generational Wealth with Fawn Weaver

Have you ever wondered what go-to-market strategies smaller businesses use to compete with the BIG players? (like the coca colas of the world?)

Because I have…

In fact, that’s just one of the many, MANY reasons Amy Porterfield and I couldn’t wait to have this conversation with Fawn Weaver, CEO of Uncle Nearest Whiskey. Because when I say Fawn has given these bigger-name distilleries a run for their money… boy, just wait ‘til you listen.

But that’s not all. In this episode, you’ll learn strategies and tips for embracing your purpose, taking risks, and building generational wealth once and for all.

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You’ll learn the best strategies for smaller businesses to compete with larger players in their industries.

(00:00:59) How Fawn pioneered her role in the Whiskey industry as a Black woman.

(00:01:56) The importance of building a brand and what it means to “own the land for the brand”.

(00:05:32) Context behind the history of the African Americans' struggle for ownership and wealth creation.

(00:11:26) Fawn’s commitment to sharing her business knowledge, especially for marginalized communities.

(00:17:35) The influence and origin story behind Fawn’s Whiskey brand.

(00:19:20) The historical significance of African Americans in the making of Tennessee whiskey.

(00:20:06) The valuable lesson Fawn learned.

(00:20:17) The moment Fawn discovered a photo that led to her starting her business.

(00:25:52) How Fawn raised funds and offered advice to women and people of color in business.

(00:27:11) The importance of confidence and faith in entrepreneurship.

(00:30:52) Fawn’s approach to challenges and embracing abundance, even in difficult times.

(00:35:26) How Fawn finds opportunities in all situations.

(00:39:10) A framework to overcome conditioning and step into confidence.

(00:47:03) How “scarcity marketing” helped her brand when they were out of stock.

(00:50:40) Fawn Weaver shares her strategy of expanding into all 50 states, contrary to industry advice, and the importance of earned media and awards in brand building.

(00:59:35) How you can pre-order Fawn’s new book, “Love and Whiskey.”

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Fawn Weaver

Fawn Weaver, an entrepreneurial powerhouse with over 25 years of experience, is the visionary CEO and founder of Grant Sidney, Inc., a discreetly held investment juggernaut. With a captivating media presence, she's a New York Times bestselling author and highly sought-after guest on prominent global shows, including FOX Business, CNBC, Good Morning America, and CBS This Morning. Weaver's remarkable achievements include founding Uncle Nearest, Inc. propelling Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey to unprecedented success. This brand, the fastest-growing American whiskey in history, has earned over 1,000 awards and is the top-selling African American-founded spirit of all time. Weaver's transformative vision and leadership are at the helm of this triumph. In a historic feat, Weaver is the first non-celebrity Black American woman to found and lead a billion-dollar enterprise. Her board role at Endeavor Group Holdings, a multi-billion-dollar entertainment titan, highlights her unparalleled influence and business acumen. Weaver's journey, marked by milestones, continues to redefine success, uplift communities, and shape industries for a brighter future.

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