Business Education and Coaching: How Much to Invest and How to Turn Around a “Bad Investment”

You’ve heard me talking about “getting in the room”, right?

Well, I gave some advice to a friend recently when she shared her challenge of finding a room that was the right fit for her. And I wanna share it with YOU, too…

…“Pick a room, any room… Will it be the best room? Will it be the right room? Most likely not, but it's a muscle you build.”

I get it. Trust me, I do.

It seems counterproductive joining a room without being sure it isn’t a fit. But what if you got so good at making the wrong room the right room? Can you imagine how great you’d be at maximizing when you DID get in the right room?

In this episode you’ll learn how much of your revenue you should be investing in educational resources, the mindset to have around making investments, and what to do when an investment doesn’t seem to be paying off.

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(00:01:10) The decision-making process behind my $50,000 investment in Gary Vaynerchuk’s program.

(00:04:39) A message from my friend and peer, Brandon Kidd, on reinvesting in education and personal development.

(00:06:52) My personal experience of investing in education and coaching and what I always consider before saying yes.

(00:16:49) How you can make the absolute most of your investments.

(00:21:10) The value of seeking discomfort to grow and challenge limiting beliefs.

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