When You Should “Break the Rules” in Your Business

You know who knew a thing or two about defying norms?

Coco Chanel.

In the 20th century in France, women wore corsets and frilly dresses (basically only clothes that were appealing to men.)

So, what’d she do? She started designing clothes that were simple, sleek, and stylish with clean lines and timeless elegance.

And let me tell you, the whole world took notice but she didn’t stop there…

She went on to break even more rules. She chopped off her hair into a short bob, which was unheard of at the time. She rocked menswear-inspired outfits, and she even dared to use jersey fabric in women's fashion. Y’all, Chanel was a gangster.

In fact, Chanel famously said, ‘In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.'

So, how can you break (or bend) the rules and stand out in your business? Got you covered.

In this episode, you’ll learn my framework for embracing a rule-breaker mindset, how to assess the risks and rewards when breaking a business rule, and how to address common fears and hesitations.

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(00:00:00) My upbringing in a conservative home with strict rules (and how I challenged all of the ones that didn’t make sense to me.)

(00:02:53) My healthy rule-breaking framework and why I believe it’s important in business.

(00:08:26) How Coco Chanel broke fashion rules and revolutionized the industry.

(00:10:30) The Rule Breaker Mindset and four steps to take to achieve it.

(00:21:19) How to persevere in the face of challenges when rule-breaking.

(00:22:20) How to identify the right rules to break.

(00:29:53) Two strategies to inject innovation into your business.

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