Unreasonable Hospitality: What It Takes to Be Number One in Your Industry with Will Guidara

Can you imagine being named the BEST in the globe at what you do?

Well, That's exactly what happened to Will Guidara, the former co-owner of 11 Madison Park, and Amy Porterfield, my resident cohost, and I had the pleasure and honor to interview him. When I tell you he did NOT disappoint, y’all, Will graciously shared his philosophy of “unreasonable hospitality” and how it propelled the restaurant to be named the best in the world with us.

Now you might be thinking, “Jasmine, sounds great but I don’t own a restaurant.”

Trust me when I say that you, me, Amy, and literally any other business owner you can think of are in the business of HOSPITALITY.

In this episode, you’ll learn the concept of “unreasonable hospitality” and its application in business, how to create a stellar customer experience, and what it takes to be number one in your industry.

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(00:01:02) The difference between service and hospitality.

(00:02:09) Will’s story about reaching the title of “the best restaurant in the world”.

(00:08:22) Will’s tips and insights on leadership.

(00:18:50) The importance of giving the benefit of the doubt and understanding the cost of leadership.

(00:24:32) A story Will told about serving a hot dog at a fancy restaurant and how it led to a breakthrough in hospitality.

(00:31:13) How to overcome resistance in leadership and the importance of understanding team capacity and priorities.

(00:35:24) The sacrifices Will made in pursuit of excellence and the need for balance in work and life.

(00:36:30) The concept of “unreasonable hospitality” and its impact on business leadership and customer experience.

(00:37:34) How to create a culture of normalized feedback in a business and its importance in fostering growth and improvement.

(00:38:38) The idea of making every experience into a personalized and memorable interaction.

(00:41:38) “The Rule of 95 Five” and how you can apply it in your business

(00:43:12) The impact of investing in unreasonable hospitality.

(00:46:05) Strategies for small businesses to implement and scale unreasonable hospitality in their digital offerings.

(00:50:28) Your homework assignment after listening to this episode.

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Will Guidara

Will Guidara is the author of the National Bestseller Unreasonable Hospitality, which chronicles the lessons in service and leadership he has learned over the course of his career in restaurants. He is the former co-owner of Eleven Madison Park, which under his leadership was named the Best Restaurant in the World. He is the host of The Welcome Conference, America’s preeminent hospitality symposium, and is a recipient of the Wall Street Journal Innovator Award.

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