What to Do When You Catch Yourself Over-Thinking in Your Business

“Do you come from an immigrant family?”

When my English Professor asked me this while critiquing my first college paper… I was shook.

I’ve thought about this for years, decades, in fact. But in retrospect, it was a hidden blessing. It led me to discover passions I might have otherwise overlooked. (Ahem, like business!) Most importantly, it led me here, recording this episode for you.

So, let me ask you. Have you ever caught yourself overthinking situations in your business?

Inspired by wisdom from Jay Shetty, I've created a five-step framework that turns overthinking into an actionable plan that solves problems.

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(00:01:07) My experience receiving criticism from a college professor and its impact on my confidence.

(00:02:59) Why I scratched my first Commencement Speech idea and wrote a different concept.

(00:05:38) The concept of overthinking and its impact on decision-making in business.

(00:06:32) My Five-step Framework to Combat Overthinking.

(00:11:00) My actual Commencement Speech and why this was so near and dear to my heart.

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