THIS is How You Better Serve Your Customers and Clients

Have you ever wondered what made Starbucks such a cultural phenomenon?

Hot take: it’s not the coffee.

It actually has more to do with their atmosphere… why, you ask?

Well, their comfy chairs, spacious layouts, and free Wi-Fi create a warm and inviting ambiance – a “third place” to be exact (what their customers TRULY wanted)…

A place to go beyond work and home to relax, socialize, or catch up on emails outside of their typical locations. By tapping into this “why” behind customer behavior, Starbucks became, well… STARBUCKS.

Ready to learn how you can tap into the “why” behind your customers’ behaviors so you can build a massively successful business? I knew I liked you.

In this episode, you’ll hear frameworks for understanding customer behavior, my top three ways to gather feedback and action steps for optimizing each stage of the customer journey.

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(00:00:00) The importance of understanding customer behavior and making decisions to benefit them.

(00:02:05) The basics of customer behavior.

(00:05:48) The “Fogg Framework” and how you can use it to serve your customers and clients well.

(00:11:52) How you can use data and gather feedback to understand customer behavior.

(00:16:27) How you can combine data with feedback to make the BEST business decisions.

(00:19:23) The action steps I’m giving you after listening to this episode.

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