Content Marketing, Real Estate, and Digital Courses: How Blake Rocha Built Wealth in His Early 20s

As a child, he watched his mom wake up at 3:00 AM for her job at Costco…

…and by his early 20s he became a self-made millionaire. WOW. So, what’s the tea? What happened in between those two periods of time? I got you.

Think of this episode as the perfect blend of personal stories, business strategies, and insights into creating diverse and successful marketing strategies.

Enter Blake Rocha, a young entrepreneur who accumulated 18 Airbnbs, educates in the short-term rental industry, and purchased a hotel at the fresh age of 26…

In this episode you’ll hear Blake’s faceless content creation tactic, short-term rental insights and processes, and the top three reasons people don't get started in real estate.

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(00:00:00) The focus and theme of this episode: wealth expansion, business, and marketing.

(00:02:15) What motivated Blake to become a successful entrepreneur.

(00:05:55) An inside look into Blake’s brilliant business model.

(00:09:24) How Blake found success in organic marketing without ever showing his face.

(00:13:10) The process of leasing properties to list on Airbnb and creating content around it.

(00:16:28) The demand for education in short-term rentals, leading to the transition into the education side of the business.

(00:19:35) The challenges Blake faced building his business as a one-man show.

(00:22:30) The top three reasons people don't get started in real estate.

(00:29:43) Blake's experience of his Instagram account being hacked and the efforts to restore it.

(00:34:26) How Blake unexpectedly purchased a hotel that he dreamed about the night before.

(00:38:40) Blake's approach to the future of marketing.

(00:40:29) The reason Blake WINS.

(00:49:03) Where you can connect with Blake.

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Blake Rocha

Meet Blake Rocha, a young entrepreneur who's made it big in real estate and online education. After finishing his MBA in entrepreneurship, Blake faced tough times during COVID-19 when he lost his server job and had to move back in with his parents. But he turned things around by diving into real estate, now owning 18 Airbnb properties all over the US and a boutique hotel in New York. Blake didn't stop there – he also started the BNB Profits Program, teaching thousands of students how to succeed in Airbnb. At just 27, he's retired his parents, done over $20 million in sales, and spoken at conferences across the country. Blake's all about the creator economy, business ownership, and most importantly living a happy healthy and peaceful life. He is always looking for new ways to build businesses and help others do the same.

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