Quarter 2 Review: The Actions I Took to Build My Future

I’m fully convinced that the foundation for long-term success in business is not built through flashy tactics and quick wins.

Years of success have taught me that big wins are built over time: brick by brick by brick.

In this episode, I’m sharing the “brick building” actions I’ve taken in Q2 of 2024 to set up a strong foundation for future growth. Will all of them work in my favor? I don’t know. But I’m getting vulnerable and sharing them with you in real time so you can see what building a business really looks like.

From flying to Nashville for an in-person podcast session with Amy Porterfield to serving as a judge in the UPS Store + Inc Magazine’s Small Business Challenge, and even taking a personal retreat to clear my mind and refocus—this episode is packed with the (messy) actions I’m taking to build a life – and a business – I’m proud of.

Click play to hear all of this and…

(00:00:57) Behind the scenes of working with Amy Porterfield to co-host a series of podcasts with entrepreneurs from across the country.

(00:03:32) How I prepared to interview Gary Vaynerchuk on the podcast

(00:06:17) The strategic role that in-person events will have in my business, and how I’m preparing for them now

(00:09:05) What I learned from having some time away from distractions and technology… only me, my journal, and some good sushi!

(00:14:00) How to find your unique edge when you’re facing competitive situations

(00:18:36) Staying flexible even when real life doesn’t match the glamor of social media

(00:24:25) My experience as a mentor in the UPS Store + Inc Magazine’s Small Business Challenge

(00:27:17) Identifying the season you’re in so you can strategically maximize your time

(00:29:10) How I fully stepped into my role as CEO during the recent launch of Social Curator

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