Sophisticated Marketing: Creating Content That Builds Community with Chris Do

Real talk: Do you ever feel like you’re climbing “Cringe Mountain”?

You know, that overwhelming sensation when you’re pushing past your comfort zone, showing up online, and suddenly, it feels like you're under a microscope, with every move scrutinized?

If you’re nodding your head in agreement, lean in and hear this… GOOOOOD. This means you’re almost to the peak of the mountain. And lemme tell you, honey, that slope down is much kinder than the ride up. How do I know? I’ve been there. We all have…

In fact, in this episode, Chris Do, Personal Branding and Business Coach (and very successful entrepreneur), shares his experiences with his climb.

You’ll also hear strategies for tolerance for standing the discomfort in content creation, building community to grow your business, and the four different pricing models.

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(00:02:52) An inside look at Chris’s company and how he serves creative entrepreneurs.

(00:04:39) The role free content plays on social media for building an audience and attracting potential customers.

(00:06:08) The different levels and variations of offers.

(00:10:57) The impact of hiring a coach and implementing effective sales processes on business growth.

(00:16:56) The value of brand and community OVER product and revenue.

(00:17:06) How anyone can overcome self-doubt and lack of confidence in content creation (just like Chris did!).

(00:22:19) An inside look at the marketing structure for Chris's new business.

(00:23:56) Chris's approach to creating and sharing free content, and the impact on sales of educational products.

(00:27:40) The four different pricing models and when to use each one.

(00:37:22) Why you should diversify your pricing for your offers.

(00:42:26) The importance of cultivating a warm audience for business growth.

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Chris Do

Loud introvert, recovering graphic designer, serial entrepreneur, Emmy award winning director/designer, founder of the Futur.

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