The 4 Things My Brain Did to Keep Me Stuck – and How I Overcame Them

Hot take: The best investment you can make for your business is choosing to train your mind. I spent years eye-rolling this truth and then tried it – and I can’t even begin to explain the game-changer it’s been for me as a business owner.

What exactly does “training your mind” look like? Don’t worry – I’m not gonna leave you hanging. In this episode, I explain the four cognitive biases that affect business owners AND how to shift each of them so you can get the success you deserve.

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(00:01:40) Understanding the “Spotlight Effect” and how to stop worrying about what others think

(00:02:31) Tackling the “Illusion of Control” and finally learning to let go

(00:03:24) Avoiding the “Over-Optimism Trap” by setting realistic expectations

(00:12:45) Breaking free from “Confirmation Bias” to keep your perspective open

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