Emotional Intelligence in Leadership: How You Can Develop, Practice, and Improve It

Lemme deal it to you straight: I had so much resistance to taking on a leadership role in my own business.

I know, I know, but you see, I grew up watching my dad get ridiculed in his transition to leadership and I knew dang well I didn’t wanna put myself in that same position.

But when I finally decided to step up in leadership, I worked on developing my Emotional Intelligence. As a beautiful byproduct came increased talent retention and mental health in the team. (Hallelujah, right?)

In this episode, you’ll learn what Emotional Intelligence is, the Goleman Framework for developing EI, and specific actions to take to measure and improve EI.

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(00:00:00) The importance of emotional intelligence in leadership.

(00:00:49) My father's journey, and the challenges he faced stepping into a leader.

(00:01:43) Why I was initially reluctant to lead and the challenges I faced when scaling my business and leading a team.

(00:02:40) What emotional intelligence means and its importance in business and leadership.

(00:03:41) The importance of understanding and managing your own emotions and extending empathy to team members.

(00:05:39) Examples of emotionally intelligent leadership and its impact on team dynamics and outcomes.

(00:07:34) How I improved my emotional intelligence in team meetings and the impact it had on my leadership.

(00:08:32) One of the biggest problems in emotional intelligence in modern leadership.

(00:11:40) How you can better support your employees' mental health and well-being.

(00:12:44) Daniel Goleman's Framework for Emotional Intelligence (and a journaling prompt for each step in the framework.)

(00:17:23) Intrinsic motivation and its impact on employee productivity and retention.

(00:19:33) The key areas of empathy and social skills in emotional intelligence and how to improve each one.

(00:23:46) Your VERY first step to improving your emotional intelligence.

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