Pulling Back the Curtain: Day in the Life of a 7-Figure Business Owner

You know those days where you catch yourself daydreaming while you drive? You know, as the radio is blaring, you put yourself in someone else’s shoes and wonder what their day looks like?

>>I have found myself wondering what my mentor’s days consist of, and I thought you might wonder what MY day looks like too.<<

That’s why I am pulling back the curtain to a day in the life of a seven figure business owner and inviting you to spend an entire work day with me on today’s podcast episode! 

*That’s right boo boo, you are straight up Dorothy revealing the little old man behind the Wizard of Oz!* 

To be honest, my day to day looks really normal, my life really is no different than anyone else’s, I’ve just learned a few things over the years that I think will be beneficial to you, friend. I’m sharing my day with you because I *wished* someone showed me what it was like to grow a business and have a team and balance a personal life all at the same time back when I started my journey as an entrepreneur. 

Although recording this episode felt a liiiittle awkward, I’m going to take the focus off me and turn it to serving you better. Take my hand and let’s dive head first into the tidal waves of my life, Buttercup!

>>This is a REAL behind the scenes of my life, complete with realtime recordings of feeding my baby, having team meetings, recording Instagram stories, and a whole lot more.<< 

Friend, you're going to experience it all by clicking >>HERE<<. 

Are you ready? Three, two, one here we go!

I’d love to know what you found most surprising about a day in the life of a seven figure business owner, so find me on Instagram and shoot me a DM boo boo.

listen to the episode:

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