How to Construct Your 45-Second Elevator Pitch | Ask Me Anything

Friends, do you love a good Q&A? I’m ALLLLLL about that life! That’s why each week I go LIVE on Facebook and Instagram to show up for my audience and answer the questions they are struggling with. 

I want to bring you in on an Ask Me Anything I had recently. One of the questions we dive into is how to construct your 45-second elevator pitch.

You know, the one that you whip out at family reunions when your mom’s cousin asks you what you do.

But boo boo, your response doesn’t have to put your family to sleep!

>>Your elevator pitch is your opportunity to share your passion in a concise way to bring others in on the joy.<< 

You’ve built a business you love and our proud of! So let’s work on bringing people in on it without losing them.

If you can't explain what you do in 45 seconds, you're going to have a very hard time having somebody invest in what you're selling. 

The anatomy of a perfect elevator pitch: 

  • Lead with who it’s for 
  • Continue with the value or the benefits 

>>Pro tip: Make sure that your elevator pitch is easy enough for like a 10 year old to understand.<< 

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