Finding the Silver Lining of COVID-19 for Your Business

I feel like times of uncertainty make us do crazy things. I mean JD and I made a mad dash to the grocery story and want to know what we walked out with? A jar of olives, pimentos, coconut oil and cheese crisps. Who are we? Let's not talk about how I could really use extra toilet paper right now. 

Showing up on social media can feel the same way. You scramble to put out anything and everything without a plan because you want to keep showing up right now. Or maybe you’ve shied away from posting because you want to be sensitive during this time. Whatever it might be, figuring out what conversations to have on social media can be tricky during COVID-19.

>>Guess what? There are more people on social media right now than ever before.<< 

Say whaaaaaaattt? That’s GOOD NEWS y'all! That means you have a bigger audience and a better chance of getting your voice out there. 

And you know what else I know? The last thing that ANYbody wants to see on social media is more news. So while you might feel like a slim bucket talking about yourself or your business just know that it’s actually a refreshing break. It’s all about giving yourself the permission to post. 

So now that you’ve started changing your mindset, how do you go about creating the right content that your audience NEEDS to hear? 

That’s exactly what Chase Jarvis and I talk about on his show on CreativeLive. Listen up Buttercup, because we get into all the juicy strategies. Click play >>HERE<< to join us! 

Many thanks to my powerhouse friend Chase Jarvis! Make sure to check out Creative Live >>HERE<< and find him on Instagram @Chase Jarvis

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