How to Pivot + Diversify Your Business

Do you know who I just have the biggest admiration for? Copywriters.

I think copywriters are the 2020 version of Mad Men. *They always look suave and own what they do with a glass of whiskey in hand… Okay, maybe that last part is just Don Draper, but you get the point!*

I recently had the privilege of giving a keynote at TCCIRL2020, which stands for The Copywriter Club In Real Life.

*Let me tell you, this is a club I’d want to slip the doorman a $20 to buy my way into.*

My friend Kira Hug hosts the event and she challenged me to talk about something different in my keynote: how to pivot and diversify your business. 

I'm not a pivoting professional but I AM a practitioner of diversifying my business. In this episode, I’m going to take you on my business journey and show you the framework to start seeing the opportunities and possibilities for you to pivot and diversify.

Here’s the thing… I have diversified and pivoted based on one thing and one thing only: What people ask for.

*That's it, signed, sealed, delivered.*

What questions are your audience asking and how can you respond to them? It’s all about seeing the need and taking the opportunities to fill it. You go where your audience is indicating they want you. 

You will never hear me talk about diversification or pivoting without advocating for you to test first. After slowly testing, you will use that research to begin to move in the directions you are seeing responses. 

Pivoting and diversification happen: 

  • Over time 
  • With consistency 

>>I do not believe you can change 100% of what you're doing going in different directions and expect to be met with success.<<

Pivoting and diversifying your business is not for the faint of heart. It is for the courageous who are willing to put in the time and effort. 

Are you ready to be bold and go where your business needs to go? Click >>HERE<< to hear my framework on pivoting and diversifying your business. 

And because I’m all about listening to where my audience wants me to go…. I’d love to hear how you liked this episode! Share a screenshot of this episode and tag me @jasminestar so I can see what you learned!

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