Have You Set Up Your Business Legally? Here’s a How To

Do you ever wonder when the day will come that the po-po shows up at your door because you did something wrong with your business? 

Now y'all know I'm a proud law school dropout who still loves watching old episodes of Judge Judy. I’m ALLLLLL about the people's court. *Can I get a witness!*

Law will always be in my blood so that’s why I’m excited to jump into this conversation with Autumn Witt Boyd about how to set up your business legally. 

Let me dust off some legal jargon and get right into it.

*Ahem, Order in the court!*

…Boo boo, things are about to get good and downright legal and you’re gonna to want to listen up. 

It might not be on your mind yet because your business is small but the bigger your business gets the more legal precautions you have to take

I want to help you prepare NOW so that your business is protected when the time comes. Because boo boo, it will come. As your profile rises and you get more traction, there’s much more of a critical eye on you.

In this episode, you’re going to hear all about: 

  • Trademarking 
  • Negotiating
  • Acquiring domain names 
  • Handling contracts 
  • The side hustle clause 
  • Creating a clear terms and conditions
  • Hiring a lawyer 

Raise your right hand and repeat after me: I *state your name* am SOOOOO ready to start protecting my business and planning for my future so J* doesn’t have to come and post my bail. 

Remember you are under oath… so click >>HERE<< to get this courtroom party started!  

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