Are You a Freelancer or Entrepreneur? Seth Godin Has the Answer

Let me ask you, friend: do you consider yourself a freelancer or an entrepreneur? Because once you’ve identified which lane you are in it’s not only going to bring you confidence but help you approach how you do business. 

Let me introduce you to my future best friend and spirit animal Seth Godin.

Seth is nothing short of a genius. He’s written 19 best-selling books, given 5 TED talks, and created life-changing workshops and online courses about marketing, entrepreneurship, and mindset. 

Seth is about to spill the tea on my podcast *so turn that volume up!* 

It’s important to distinguish between being a freelancer and an entrepreneur. Boo boo, let me tell you it made both Seth and my life better when we realized the difference. 

  1. Freelancers work with their own two hands. If you’re writing, it's you writing. If you’re on stage, it's you on stage. You only get as many hours a week as you get, and that's all. You will keep hiring yourself until you burn out. 
  1. Entrepreneurs get paid when they sleep. Entrepreneurs build systems. If you're an entrepreneur, your job is to not do the work. Your job is to hire other people to do every single job.

Feel like you’re starting to figure out which camp you might be in… or are you even more confused? We can’t wait to help you discover it. For all the explanations and more click play >>HERE<<. 

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Seth Godin 

IG: @sethgodin


Seth Godin has written 19 best-selling books, given 5 TED talks, and created life-changing workshops and courses addressing various aspects of marketing, advertising, business venturing and leadership. He is a successful entrepreneur, marketer and public speaker, who became famous for public speaking when he uploaded his e-book ‘Unleashing the Ideavirus’ and made it available for the generic audience for free. Seth professes the idea of making information available for everyone in the world and starting a global conversation on business and marketing in which everyone from everywhere can take an active part.

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