How to Optimize Engagement on Instagram Stories, Live, and IGTV | Social Curator Coaching Session Part 2

*Take 2!* It’s time for another Instagram-themed Social Curator coaching session!

Ever wonder what the deal is with Instagram stories, IGTV and going LIVE? I mean, it can’t possibly be as successful as everyone says… No one wants to see my face on screen, right? Oh boo, you couldn’t be more wrong! 

I know it can be intimidating and overwhelming but I’m telling ya friend, Instagram video features is where it’s at! By showing up for your audience in this way, you will see engagement go up because your followers are seeing a different, more personal, more engaging side to your business. 

In this episode you will hear me answer questions on:

  • Best practices when using IGTV for your business
  • Utilizing different video angles to keep your viewers engaged
  • Nailing down your messaging on social media
  • How to go Live and get the most out of your Live content

Boo boo, I hope after listening to this episode you find confidence to go out and try something new. The best way to beat fear is by taking ACTION! Click play >>HERE<< to start learning the tools and building your confidence on camera!

One of the most inspiring things to me about this coaching session is how these Curators are showing up for their businesses during a crazy, uncertain and difficult time and I hope you are too. If you'd like help with being more consistent with your content I’d love for you to join my free class on How to Plan 30 Days Worth of Content in 1 Day! Click >>HERE<< to save your seat.

Chelsea Rentmeister

Monat Distributor

IG: @morethanamombun



Chelsea helps ambitious mamas leverage social media to build a thriving beauty business, with their babies right beside them. She believes that you don't have to choose between being the mama you always wanted to be, or working to create the financial and time freedom to live the life of your dreams. You can have BOTH!

Katie Haahr

Katie Haahr

IG: @katie.haahr


Katie Haahr is the Founder and CEO of, where she empowers 20 something women with practical life skills and game changing mindsets to do life well. After graduating from college nearly a decade ago, Katie moved to a new city and realized she knew very little about the basics of “doing life” (meal planning for one? writing a cover letter? Voter registration?) and wished she had an older sister to help her through it all. She is now a “virtual big sister” for girls like her, and creates resources designed to help women feel less alone and navigate life as an adult with confidence.

Anne Watson

Anne M Watson

IG: @annewatsontx



Anne Watson coaches female entrepreneurs with new or struggling online businesses to get clear on their messaging, streamline their brand, get organized and productive, and strategize ways to take action and raise their business to the next level.

Chelsea West

Chelsea West Photography




Chelsea West provides the west Texas area with Lifestyle Family Photography. She works with families to create a fun, personalized session. Whether it is in your own home or at your local park, these photographs will last for generations.

Brittani Miller

Dash the Town

IG: @LivTheDash



Originally from a Northern suburb of Los Angeles, California, Matt and Brittani Miller now call Southlake, Texas home. As Realtors, the Millers consider themselves the digital mayors of the mid-cities area of Dallas-Fort Worth. What exactly does that mean? Well, typically Realtors will help you find a home you love. We want to take it a step further and ensure that you not only love your home but also your neighborhood and your community. Choosing your home is not just about deciding where you STAY, but it's also choosing where you PLAY!

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