How to Know if You Have the Right Type of Instagram Account for Your Business

Are you struggling to identify your voice on social media? 

There are millions of Instagram users so let’s get you to stand out, boo boo! In this episode, I’m talking all things branding.

I believe the foundation to growing a tribe of loyal followers is by defining what branding category you're creating on Instagram.

This is going to help frame what you should be posting, how you should be posting it, and help your followers understand what to expect from you. 

>> A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that account for a consumer's decision to choose one business over another.<<

My goal is to help you become a strong Instagrammer by identifying your brand experience and placing yourself in one of four main categories:

  • Informative
  • Lifestyle
  • Specialty 
  • Aesthetic

An informative Instagrammer provides valuable insight from their unique perspective on a particular topic. 

A lifestyle account is less about the account itself and more about the person behind it. The followers are interested in seeing what that particular person is doing, eating, wearing, vacationing, etc. 

A specialty Instagrammer works hard at showcasing their specific specialty or niche better than their competitors, and they create experiences around their differences rather than similarities. 

And our final category, an aesthetic account. These Instagrammers work tirelessly using their creative efforts to produce stunning photos. Their followers come to pause, to look longer, and to appreciate the effort of the work that it took to make that photo come to life. 

Now comes the hard part. You gotta choose ONE

I completely understand that your feed could fall between a few of these categories. I also know the feeling of not wanting to be put in a box and limited.

But by choosing one, your vision becomes more clear and highly focused. It helps train your audience what to expect from you.

So friend, use this episode to determine which will benefit your business the most and play into your natural strengths!

It’s time to get excited boo… this is the start of something great for your Instagram account! Click play >>HERE<< to hear ALLLLLL about it.

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