How Being Bullied in Elementary School Affects My Business Today

Do you ever wonder how much your past affects who you are today? 

Growing up I was an overweight child of an immigrant, living on government assistance who couldn’t read. You better believe that invited all the neighborhood kids to make fun of me. *I was such an easy target.* 

But you know what? I am stronger because of it. I did everything I could to prove them wrong and find confidence in what I do.  

We may not be in elementary school anymore but bullies are still active and real. In fact, it’s a whole different ball game in 2020. Your entire life is on a spotlight across social media and all the little bully flies just swarm right to it. It’s so much easier to click a button and hide behind the internet than insulting you right to your face. 

Here’s the thing, Buttercup: people will ALWAYS have an opinion about you. But only YOU can give them the power to let it get to you. 

>>Don’t let what other people say about you keep you from moving forward.<<  

I still struggle with feeling comfortable in my own skin, finding my worthiness and feeling like I belong in a room. It’s not something that easily goes away. But you better believe I’m going to let the haters fuel my path for growth! 

I hear so many fellow creatives stopping themselves because they're not the best, they don't have the answer, somebody else has done it better, someone had an opinion about what they do, etc. But I want you to Shut. That. Down! 

I grew up telling myself a story that my ideas, my voice, and my approach to business wasn’t good enough. And THAT is why I want to have this conversation today.

It’s a process, boo, but it’s one that we are in together! Click >>HERE<< to hear more from the conversation I have with Zack Kravitz about how being bullied affected my business and learn how you can approach your own haters. It’s going to be a game changer boo. And when you’re done, show some love to Zack Kravitz over on Ramblin Radio!   

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