How to Use TikTok for Your Business Without Embarrassing Dance Videos with Jera Foster-Fell

Git up… Renegade… Say So… Do these phrases mean anything to you?

I am right there with you boo *it goes right over my head*. But fellow grandmas, these are the names of popular TikTok dances!  TikTok is the latest social media craze that ALLLLLL the teenagers are about. 

For the last few months I’ve been wondering if TikTok is the place to be as a business owner, and from the questions I’ve seen online I know you’ve been interested in the same thing. 

Guess what Buttercup: you don’t have to embarrass yourself doing TikTok dances to use this new platform for your business.

My friend Jera Foster-Fell is going to show us how people of all ages, industries and personalities can use TikTok. Her strategies are straight up FIRE.  *Someone bring the fire extinguisher because it’s about to get hot in heeeerrre!*     

In the episode you’ll hear all about the TikTok best practices: 

  • How to quickly grow a following
  • How to be authentically you 
  • How to find your area of influence 
  • How to make your first TikTok video 

I want you to see that you can use TikTok for your business beyond dancing or lip singing. Join in on the fun >>HERE<<. 

It’s the 20’s ya’ll and you best believe there’s going to be a new platform coming out everywhere you look. So are you going to choose to avoid it or use it to your advantage? 

Jera and I want to hold up a mirror and show you what you are capable of. Don’t let fear stop you from playing the social media game. So boo boo, when you join this crazy new world of TikTok, tag us in your first video @officialjasminestar and @jera.bean! We can’t wait to cheer you on. 

Jera Foster-Fell




In five years, Jera went from drowning in a soul-sucking job with no defined purpose while suffering from social anxiety, to  dominating the lifestyle sector of social media and teaching others how to master instagram through her social media strategy course, The Social Media Saloon. She has built her community to 170k on Instagram and over 400k on TikTok, and has crowned herself the queen of pivoting (from graphic design, to SoulCycle instructor, to content creator, to instagram strategist). Infusing all of her content with honesty, down-to-earth-realness (and lots of dance videos), Jera's goal is to build an online space where women can empower themselves, get out of their comfort zones, and learn to love their fabulous selves the way they are.

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