How I Plan My Social Media Posts in 40 Minutes

Do you ever feel like you’d rather have a root canal than plan out your social media content?

It may sound a little dramatic, but I feel you boo: that struggle is all too familiar. I would spend hours each week overthinking, planning, and editing and still not be satisfied with the content I was putting out. It was so exhausting!

…That is until I created a system that helped me plan out a week’s worth of content in less than an hour.

Let me say that again so sinks in… I can build one week’s worth of content in the time it takes me to watch one episode of 90 Day Fiancé. *You’re going to want to put a ring on this social media plan’s finger!* 

I can feel your disbelief through the internet, but I can’t wait to blow your mind because this plan is a game changer. 

>>A successful social media plan isn’t about about writing the perfect captions or taking the perfect photos. It’s about creating a duplicatable system that focuses on fostering engagement with your ideal client.<<

In today’s episode, I’m going to give you my EXACT Sunday routine that will help you batch content, use categories and pick photo topics to make your life easier. 

When you have those 3 things down Buttercup, you can rule the social network!  

My hope for this episode is to inspire you to never run out of ideas, save you time and give you a wealth of content that allows you to talk about your business without having to sell your business directly. So are you ready? Click play >>HERE<< to feel that weight lifted off your shoulders. 

If you’re looking for more productivity tips I’d love for you to check out my Productivity Planner to help streamline your workflow and kiss stress goodbye. In it, you’ll get a glimpse into my daily routine as well as how to create a daily timeline around your work projects that keeps you focused and productive. It’s yours for FREE >>HERE!<< 

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