How to Not Make the Biggest Social Media Mistake with the Shark Daymond John

Have you heard of a little show called Shark Tank?

In case you haven’t, it’s a captivating  one where entrepreneurs pitch their products to investors for the opportunity to get funded. *It has me sitting on the edge of my seat everytime I watch it!* 

Oh what I would do to be on that show…

ANYYYWAAAYYY guess what Buttercup, my dream became a reality recently… sort of! Daymond John *one of the Sharks on Shark Tank* kindly invited me to go live with him on Instagram for a business Power Talk.

*Let me tell you, it was straight up fire!*  

In this episode, Daymond and I discuss: 

  • The reality of business 
  • Building an online presence 
  • The biggest mistake people make on social media
  • The difference between diversity and disparity

This conversation is ALLLLLL about using your platform for good and making your voice heard.

Buttercup, I have good and bad news: there’s always going to be haters, there’s always going to be someone bigger and better than us, there’s always going to be uncertainty like COVID or civil unrest going on in the world… but don’t let anything dissuade you from the thing you’ve been called to do.

Stand in your power and shine by clicking play >>HERE<< because conversations like this are so important right now. Having open and honest dialogue is the only way we will ever move past fear and uncertainty.

I hope listening to Daymond and I encourages you to have those conversations and make the decision to lean into discomfort so you can grow personally and professionally.

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listen to the episode:

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