How to Avoid Your Biggest Customer Mistake | Social Curator Coaching Session

I know this may sound a little lofty, but I know the BIGGEST mistake you’re making when speaking to your ideal customer on social media.

And today, you’re going to hear that tip and MORE as I deal it to you straight *no chaser* in today’s coaching session with Social Curator members.

I can’t *help* but get heated in conversations about finding and engaging with your ideal client on social media!

In coaching sessions and podcast episodes…

  • I admit what other business strategists DON’T tell you, like I told Anastasia and Tanmeet.
  • I say what we’re ALL thinking but are afraid to admit, like I boldly let Aurelie know.
  • We talk about MISTAKES instead of pretending everything is perfect all the time, like I discussed with Monika.

Friend, these business owners and their in-depth questions are what fuel me to get up every day and help you build the business of your dreams.

In this episode, I answer the following questions about identifying your ideal client:

  • How can I find my Ideal Client Avatar in a saturated market?
  • How do I balance what my ideal client expects me to do on social media vs. what I want to do?
  • What’s the biggest mistake I could be making when creating my Ideal Client Avatar?
  • How do I know who my ideal client is when I haven’t sold anything yet?

The Curators who asked these incredible questions couldn’t wait to dive right in after this session and take ACTION on what they learned.

*It’s amazing what a little knowledge, a little accountability, and a little kick in the pants can do to you, right?!*

I just KNOW this episode is going to fire you up too, so click >>HERE<< to listen in on a coaching session with members of Social Curator around finding, attracting, and engaging with your ideal client.

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Tanmeet Sethi




Tanmeet Sethi is an Integrative Family Physician, TEDx speaker writer, and teacher who has dedicated her career to teaching patients and physicians how to harness their innate potential to heal through the food they eat, the way their minds think and how their bodies move, the most powerful forms of medicine. She has focused this work in the most vulnerable and traumatized communities but her most powerful education has come through her own life in which she is a mother to three children, including one with a fatal, neurodegenerative disease. She has a blog where she writes weekly on the wisdom of gratitude and is writing a book on how this is the foundation for all of us to move our own spiritual practices forward and upward so that we can help heal this unwell world. Her own work on finding joy even through the unimaginable has taught her that Joy is a human right no matter what and hopes that others will see that they can work towards grace and resilience with simple, steady steps every day.

Aurelie Delahalle Jackson




Born in the suburbs of Paris, Aurelie is 35 years old and has a Master Degree in Education. She worked abroad from 2007 to the end of 2012 as project manager for childhood protection and youth development (French Caribbean, Yemen, Ethiopia). But in 2012, Aurelie decided to change careers and became a French teacher for those learning a foreign language. The French Formula started in 2014 when her husband had the idea to create fun and interactive YouTube videos for French learners. Et voilà…

Anastasia Frias



Anastasia Frias is an online business manager helping mom-owned businesses find their perfect balance between work and mommin'!

Monika A Mazur



Monika is the boss lady at Body by Monika. For the last 11 years, Monika has been a personal trainer working for big commercial gyms in Boston. Now, she owns a fitness studio, coaches women online, and has now added Video Training sessions so she gets to work with women from virtually anywhere! Monika is committed to empowering women through fitness, nutrition and personal development. Seeing BBMs blossom is her biggest joy!

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