The 5 Types of Instagram Posts That Get Engagement

Let me be real y’all: When I first started my business, I was desperate for people to know who I was.

I wanted to show what made my business special, but it felt like no one paid attention. 

>>It wasn’t until I started sharing who I was, in addition to what I did, that made the biggest difference.<<

Now, when it comes to using Instagram to build a relationship with your followers to eventually turn them into customers, it is so important to create content that gets followers talking back to you.

In this quick, fiery episode I want to walk you through the 5 types of Instagram posts that foster engagement to serve as inspiration for your next week of posts. 

The 5 types of Instagram posts that get engagement are:

  1. A Personal Experience
  2. Asking for Opinions
  3. An Introduction
  4. A Helpful or Valuable Piece of Information
  5. A New Product or Service Launch

I use every single one of these to build trust with my audience and foster meaningful conversations with them. And I know they’ll work for you too, Buttercup! 

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