3 Easy Ways to Build Trust (and Sales)

Hustler, do you know what makes sales on social media?

No, it’s not the amount of followers you have or how pretty your feed is… *I hope you didn’t actually think the answer was that superficial!*

>>What makes sales on social media is, *drumroll please*…. Trust.<<

In order to purchase your product or service, your followers need to trust you.

Your followers need to have no doubt in their mind that you have a solution to their problem and that you’re the perfect person to solve it.

And the way to do that? Well, that’s what you’re going to hear in my conversation with John Casmon on his podcast Target Market Insights!

John’s podcast is all about real estate investing, but that DOESN’T mean the takeaways from this episode don’t apply to small business owners in general.

In fact, I KNOW that all industries can apply what I teach to their businesses too!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • 3 easy ways to build trust (and sales)
  • Exactly how long you should be spending on social media for your business 
  • How to create engaging content, especially during quarantine

I had a blast during mine and John’s conversation about building trust with your followers and marketing your business on social media, and I know you’ll love listening. Click play to tune in >>HERE!<< 

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listen to the episode:

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