How to Use Instagram Reels for Your Business

Have you heard the news?! Instagram Reels has just been added to Instagram as a quick, fast-paced way to produce content!

This is preeeetty monumental because I don’t mean to brag, but…

>>Last year I made a prediction that Instagram would either acquire TikTok or it would adopt similar video editing capabilities as TikTok.<<

*I even posted it on my podcast, at around 43:17 in >>this episode!<<*

For business owners, Instagram Reels is the best thing to hit the app since they added Stories. 

Think of them as 15 second micro-commercials that can be edited together rather than recorded in real time like on Stories.

Since the update, I have been discussing with my team how we can incorporate this feature into our content strategy and, of course, I’ve been answering a lot of questions from entrepreneurs on how they can use Instagram Reels for their business…. Which is exactly what you’ll hear today.

Today’s episode is a recording from a recent Coffee and Conversations I hosted on Instagram live. Every single Tuesday morning I bring people on LIVE to ask me their biggest questions on all things business-related, and this one definitely has a theme: Instagram Reels. 

>>Friend, if you want to learn how to use Instagram Reels for your business, this episode is for you. So click play >>HERE!<<

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