My Best Tips for Charging Luxury Prices | Social Curator Coaching Session

If you’ve been tuning in for awhile, you know I like to deal it to you straight…. And that’s exactly what you’re going to hear in today’s coaching session with Social Curator members.

*And my best tips for charging luxury prices? Yes, please!*

In this episode, you’ll hear me answer the following questions:

  • What kind of content can I create to differentiate myself and stand out as a political candidate?
  • What would you put in place if you were facing the challenge of closing the deal with my clients who are being advertised by other photographers with cutthroat pricing?
  • As a Creative, how do you consistently keep talking about the same message without letting your brain tell you it's boring or time to talk about something else new and shiny?
  • How do you handle changes in your schedule without derailing your whole plan?
  • As a Real Estate Advisor, I need to find my audience/clientele, and plan to use social media to establish myself as a trusted advisor… How can I achieve this when I live in an area where many other good advisors live?

The business owners you’re about to hear from are who fuel me to get up every single day and help you build the business of your dreams.

I just KNOW this episode is going to fire you up too, so click play >>HERE<< on this coaching session with members of Social Curator!

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Lana Palmer, Politician

As a wife, mother, and business woman, Lana knows the time to plant the seeds of a bright future is right now. She couldn't afford not to care when she realized that her children's future was at stake! Lana is tired of elected officials who spend irresponsibly, make empty promises, and pander for political gain. She is not a conventional politician, nor does she want to be one. Lana decided to run for city council to give the every-day Edmontonian, like her, a voice. A voice of reason, a voice of common sense, and a voice of change.

Robert Lopez, Two by Two Photography

Robert started his photography journey back in the film days when working for the Department of Defense in South America.  Now, he and his wife Sonia have 2 children and live on a 10 acre farm which has dairy cows, goats, & chickens.  They also have one of the top dog kennels, Two By Two Lagotto, in North America for a rare breed (Lagotto Romagnolo)!  When he’s not working, Robert enjoys ballroom dancing with his wife, going to the beach, and had various hobbies such as singing karaoke, hunting, and fishing.

Keri Gavin, Focusing on the Heart

Keri is a brain-based, heart-led mentor for online transformational leaders, coaches, course creators, and Creatives to consistently attract their dream clients and make their desired  income and impact without compromising their values or priorities. With her clients, she facilitates a brain-based, heart-led approach to empowering women to create success their own way. Keri is fascinated by human psychology, spirituality and creativity. She is a former elementary school teacher, turned professional photographer (15 years), turned (self-proclaimed) professional encourager, master perspective shifter, and a serious beach lover!

Carrie Beth Collins, Artist

Carrie Beth Collins is a contemporary painter from Louisville, Ky. After 22 years of serving her dental patients, last year she decided to color her hair purple and take her lifelong dream of painting full-time! She travels to learn from seasoned artists, works on building an inventory of art for shows, and shares the journey with her collectors. Her childhood love of 1980’s bold, glow-in-the-dark, and fluorescent color, is combined with nature in her drippy paintings. “Art helped heal me, and I love passing that healing on to those who need a place for their eyes and soul to relax, explore, and dream.”

Jessica Rosario, Real Estate Advisor

Jessica Marie Rosario moved to Central Florida 21 years ago. Since then, she has witnessed and enjoyed the growth in the region, and loves to share with others what the Florida lifestyle has to offer. Her background in art education, along with a certification in home staging, add value to the services offered to her seller customers by helping them to prepare their house to stand out on the internet as well as in person, and positioning it in a way that will attract the most potential buyers with the best offers. She listens to the needs and wants of her clients and works alongside them to establish the best strategy to achieve their short and long term real estate goals. You can reach out to her for anything home related. She'll be here to serve.

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