Practical Tips To Building Your Brand On A Budget

Seth Godin defines a brand as “A set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that accounts for one consumer to choose one product or service over another.”

  • Did Seth say your website is your brand?
  • How about your business cards?
  • Your social platform?

No. He said you can’t buy a brand!

A brand is not defined by a business, but by the consumer’s perception of the business.

So my question to you then becomes: What are you doing online to create experiences for your customers?

>>I once heard that your brand can be described by what someone says about your business when you walk out of the room.<<

Today, we’re going to talk about how I built my brand on a budget.

1. Create content.

What does one do when they want to start a business with no education, no connections, no money? I started a blog in 2006.

It started as a way to document my successes, failures, and mistakes, but soon became a way to connect with random people all over the world sitting in their cubicles.

>>I learned the art of engagement when I stopped caring about MY life and started asking people about THEIRS.<<

2. Create personal connections.

The girl who couldn’t get a single comment or client in 2007 grew, over the next 13 years, a brand that amassed hundreds of thousands of followers by making one-on-one connections.

>>That’s the secret, friend: connecting with people ONE by ONE.<<

3. Educate your audience.

Let’s fast-forward to the pinnacle of my career, when I was getting paid top dollar to photograph all over the world in 2014.

>>I was ON Instagram but not USING Instagram to build a brand… Until I created educational content for my audience.<<

I asked my followers what questions they had for me, and shared EVERYthing I knew. This content built trust and baby boo, trust builds a brand.

Buttercup, you may not be the smartest, the prettiest, the richest, or the most connected. I know I wasn’t.

But you CAN build a brand by creating experiences, sharing content, and educating your audience and creating personal connections.

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