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Email Templates Two

As my business grew, I came to understand the implicit value of effective communication with clients early on. Once I realized how efficient it was to streamline my correspondence with prospective clients by creating email templates (they can be found HERE), I quickly created email templates that focused on strengthening my current client workflow and timely information from my studio.

The more templates I created to streamline client correspondence, the easier it became to stay on track with invoices, requesting timelines, and album orders, amongst other things. In a series of 11 sample emails, I show how to easily email clients to save time in front of the computer…and get behind the camera.

The following emails are included:

  • Post Engagement Session Thank You Email
  • Requesting the Timeline in Advance to the Wedding
  • Sending a Sample Timeline of a Wedding Day
  • How to Invoice Client for Final Balance and Payment
  • Post Wedding Thank You Email
  • Releasing the Digital Negatives by an Online Gallery, How to Download, and How to Order Prints
  • How to Attribute Photo Credit When Sharing Wedding Photos Online
  • Instructions on How to Order a Wedding Album
  • Sending Photo Gallery to Wedding Creative Team and Requesting Photo Credit
  • Questionnaire for Submitting a Wedding for Print or Online Publication
  • Email Inquiry to Collaborate on a Styled Shoot


This 16-page PDF is an extension of the first set of email templates that will help photographers find their voices through email as well as create effective communication with clients.


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