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Email Templates

When I first started my photography business, I quickly realized the life of a young entrepreneur was filled with many twists and turns. Not only did I have to learn how to run a business, I had to learn how to work with clients. I struggled finding a balance between effective communication, professionalism and my personality…all while not wanting to spend the majority of my day drafting countless emails.

Over the years, I drafted template emails to streamline initial correspondence with clients. Soon I discovered I spent less time with my inbox and more time with my camera…which is exactly what I wanted. In a series of 10 sample emails, I show how to effortlessly correspond with clients while maintaining an efficient workflow.

The following emails are included:

  • Email Requesting Personalized Client Information
  • Response to Email Inquiry for Wedding Photography Services
  • Response if Unavailable for a Wedding Date
  • Follow Up Email
  • Response If Prospective Client is Inquiring Too Far in Advance of Booking Season
  • Response to a Prospective Client Requesting Discounted Prices
  • Following Up with a Prospective Client When Another Prospective Client Expresses Interest for the Same Wedding Date
  • How to Prepare Clients for an Engagement Session
  • How to Prepare Clients for the Wedding
  • Response if Prospective Client is Requesting Photography Outside of Specialty

This nine-page PDF is a starting point for photographers to find their voices through email as well as create a system for an efficient correspondence workflow.


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