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First + Second Shooter Agreement

Miscommunication usually stems from mismanaged expectations. And nothing is more awkward than a disagreement between a first and second shooter. The best way to avoid this is to outline a set of expectations, job responsibilities, and timelines by which the work should be completed.

This customizable Agreement is a simple way for photographers to get on the same page and includes:

  • Terms of Agreement
  • Statement of Work
  • Copyright
  • Payment for Services
  • Independent Contractor Status
  • Dispute Resolution
  • …and much MORE!

Investing in establishing a healthy and communicative relationship between a first and second shooter is priceless, so be sure to protect it by having an agreement in place before a wedding.


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I wouldn’t say we were business nerds but my husband just sent me a Slack message asking me to call him.

If you need me, just follow the trail of empty La Croix cans around my house.

"Margaritas make me sound smarter, dance better, sound amazing, and look like Shakira...