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Wedding Photographer Workflow Checklist

In chatting with photographers, one of the most commonly cited issues within their business is organization. How to do it, creating a system that works, and tracking progress. It's easy to feel overwhelmed or wonder if you're doing it right. From the minute you book a client to the last step in delivering their wedding images and album is called WORKFLOW, each step you take to ensure your client is taken care of and you're staying on top of the necessary tasks.

I'm excited to post a detailed look into my Workflow, so now you can see how I run my business from start to finish. You learn how I catalogue and organize my clients' info, the process of culling and editing my photos, when I send photos to the wedding vendors and when I send the clients their wedding photos.

There's a lot more, but I'm especially happy to include a Workflow chart outlining where you are in each clients' progress so you don't feel disorganized or fall behind.


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