Questions to Ask When Hiring a Facebook Ads Manager


Have you ever gotten to the point when you realize you’ve piled your business tasks so high on your plate it feels like a never-ending Thanksgiving buffet?

In Las Vegas.  At 2a.m. in the morning.  After a bad Elvis show.

Umm, yeah.  I’ve been there.  [In light of full disclosure, I AM THERE!]

So I’m restructuring my business to alleviate the load (i.e. passing off the green bean casserole, if you will…who likes that stuff anyway?).

First thing on my list was to hire a Facebook Ads Manager.  But seeing how I had little experience in this area, I reached out to my good friend Rick Mulready (host of The Art of Paid Traffic podcast and overall FB genius) to get more information.

He rattled off some amazing questions to ask and, with his permission, I’m sharing them here for you in case you want to lighten your plate too.


  • How long have you been managing Facebook ads?
  • Do you specialize in a specific niche for Facebook ads?
  • What types of campaigns do you run?
  • What types of strategies do they use for ads?
    • For example, are they open to running Facebook ads to content for retargeting?
  • How much are they spending per month on ads per client on average?
  • What is an average client budget they are managing?
  • Can I see a sample of ads you’ve created/run for other clients?
  • What was the most successful ad campaign they managed?
    • What made it successful?
    • Do you think that type of success is replicable?
  • Are you managing the ads yourself or is an associate?
    • If an associate is managing, how much if your involvement?


I hope this information helps and I’m hopeful I’ll find the right Facebook ads manager because, really, I NEED TO MAKE ROOM FOR PUMPKIN PIE.