Real Time Business Advice at Social Media Marketing World 2018


I had the honor of speaking at Social Media Examiner​'s Event, Social Media Marketing World…and things didn't go as planned. Minutes before I went on stage, I was delivered the worst news, but I had to move forward anyway. Isn't it funny the way life works sometimes?

What I felt was a disaster and destined to ruin my presentation was merely the humility I needed to show up just as ME. Forget the frills, good content always shines.

The best part was the unexpected live Q+A session after the class…whoa, SO many great questions. If you want a quick shot of knowledge to your brain, let's do it here in this video!

Video Timeline:
:21 Intro of day
1:39 Bad news delivered about presentation
2:57 Presentation
4:00 Q+A…on fire!
4:30 How I take photos of myself for social media
5:38 How to create engaging content on social media if the product you sell is boring
7:12 How far in advance do I plan my social media content?
9:44 How do I get past being uncomfortable of being in front of the camera?
12:13 What is the number one way to engage with people if work for older, stodgy companies (like a credit union)