Are Reels Only for Entertainment?

Are you trying to crack the content code? 

*Friend, I feel you.*

I’ve been creating content for a long time, and there are still pieces of content I create that fall flat. A Reel, a video, or a post I’ve spent a lot of time preparing doesn’t always end up getting the reach I’d hoped for.

If you can relate, I have news for you…

Are Reels for Entertainment Only?

>>If people aren’t seeing your content, it’s because they haven’t been liking, commenting, or interacting with you.<<

It’s truly that simple.

So, when I’m asked if Reels are purely for entertainment, my response is: “So what if they are?”

The Reels that are entertaining get the most engagement and the farthest reach when compared to Reels that promote a product of service… but that doesn’t mean they aren’t moving the needle forward for you.

In fact, every time your audience engages with your content, it signals to the algorithm that they want to see more of you.

Regardless of what Reels perform best for you, you’ll find that they are the best way to stay top of mind.

>>It may be a long game, but content creation leads to conversations, which eventually produce conversions.<<

But the question remains: Will you show up consistently on social media to connect with your audience?

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