reSTARt : A Photography Business Makeover

Happy Monday, Internet! After a few months of brain-storming and dreaming up new ideas, I'm incredibly excited to announce I'm headed back to creativeLIVE…but we are raising the stakes because we're changing the format and shaking things up! Beginning in January 2013, I'm taking a few photography businesses and reSTARting them for the new year! Over three months, I'll work with photographers for a business makeover from the ground up…

The best news is this course is all about YOU. reSTARt will be a series of business makeovers with three in-studio participants, but online viewers can participate in depth as I'll walk entrepreneurs through conducting client consultations, how to handle difficult correspondence, how to gracefully say no, how to create a branded studio, and how to shoot for your brand…and that's just the first month!

JD and I have lots of surprises in store, but if you want to learn how to create a website reflective of you, grow your social media presence, and learn to shoot in nearly impossible situations, then you won't want to miss what we have planned for February either! We'll complete this free three-month course in March with new websites, a stronger brand, and strengthened technical ability behind the lens.

If you'd like to join me in-studio, just follow the directions in the video and submit your submission no later than November 26, 2012. If you'd prefer to participate online with this FREE photography course, you can register HERE.

Happy Monday and if you're interested in checking out my past creativeLIVE photography courses, you can do so here. Hope to see you soon! And many, many thanks to Steve with Threaded Films for making this promo…he's so awesome to work with!