How to Revolutionize Your Business 

Are you ready to start a revolution for your business? 

There’s never been a better time than right now… At this very moment.

Before you hit the ground running, let these words from Bill Gates sink into your fired up soul:   

“People overestimate what they can do in one year, and underestimate what they can do in 10 years.”

Well, hot dang… can you relate? I sure do.

We have a tendency to imagine what our business could be, but then we go through and we create “rules” like: 

  • I'll never do this in my business. 
  • I'll always do this in my business. 

Here’s the deal… You can imagine what the future holds, but you can never predict what will actually happen in the future. In fact, the future is often far off the beaten path of our expectations. 

The only way we actually figure out how to move into the future is getting comfortable, in the uncomfortable, or what I like to call your business free fall

What in the world is a business free fall, you ask? Great question.

You’re in a business free fall any time you:

  • Start a new arm of your business
  • Pivot the direction of your business
  • Start getting your business off the ground. 

Essentially, any time you take a leap in your business, and you're thinking, “Oh. my. God. What is happening right now?”

That panicked feeling? That’s a business free fall

The difficult part comes when you’re mid “fall,” yet you still have to make decisions for your business. That means making decisions without knowing all the answers or having all the resources you think you need. 

>>It’s in these moments, you need to resist estimating what's going to happen in the future, and instead take one step at a time and take action from where you are.<< 

Let's go back to this idea about “rules” or things you’re convinced you’d never do or things you’ll always do.

When I first started Social Curator I said, “I am never having a Facebook group.”

That's what I told my husband (who is also my business partner), and everybody on my team. I was like, “Read. my. lips. Never a Facebook group.” 

Can you guess what happened next?

You guessed it. EVERYONE who joined Social Curator kept asking for a Facebook group, and what did I say? I said, “No.” 

I refused to break my rule. I told myself, “Never.” 

It took six months for people to convince me of what an important component it was for our community, and why my “rule” was not serving my business well. 

Finally, I relented and broke my rule. *shout-out to the best team a CEO could ask for!* 

Looking back, it’s easier to see how I made that decision while free falling, and ask myself why it took so long for me to shift my mindset. 

>>This entrepreneurial journey is not for the faint of heart. But you knew that already. And yet, you still show up, time and time again!<< 

Let me tell you… This Facebook group I resisted for so long is where some of the fiercest game-changing magic happens. 

I have been able to see people grow so rapidly thanks to the community and collaboration that takes place within that group. 

Imagine if I refused to break my own rule.  

These wild and crazy entrepreneurs who are helping each other within our Social Curator Facebook group, consistently doing BIG things in their business would not exist. 

This Facebook group has expedited growth and has become a creative think-tank, a collaborative force to be reckoned with, and a place for entrepreneurs to find community in an otherwise often lonely landscape. 

The moral of this story? 

Learn from this “rule breaker”:

  • Take the leap. 
  • Stay true to your values, but 
  • Don’t limit yourself by rules that limit what’s possible.

Don’t be afraid of that free fall feeling, because that’s where the revolution starts.  

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