Running Into the Fire

Over a decade ago, I started a business without knowing what I was doing.  I lacked know-how, finances, and credibility, but I found a way to make it work.  Call it naivety, but I ran toward my dream and didn’t look back.

And then something crazy happened:  I became scared to run.

My business aspirations changed over the past 10 years and with each pivot, my gait shortened, my steps stuttered.  Why?  Because I knew, precisely, what was on the line.  I was no longer the girl sprinted without a care.  A string of successful business ventures made me care…a lot.  Knowing what I know now (namely how difficult and discouraging new business ventures can be), I didn’t want to run into a burning building chasing a new opportunity to define my dream.


But the thing I’m slowly learning is that by running into a burning building, I’m forced to choose between being ruined or refined by the fire.  I’m learning that to be an effective entrepreneur, one must be okay sprinting amongst the flames, okay with the refining process.

If you’re running into a burning building, I’m right next to you.  And when we make it out on the other side, I hope we’re ready to sprint, again.