Setting Boundaries To Maximize Productivity

Boo, let’s talk about one of my favorite topics: PRODUCTIVITY.

  • Are you struggling to stay on track? 
  • Need more time and space? 
  • Want to maximize the time in your day?

In order to chat about productivity, we have to address something that tends to make a lot of people’s skin crawl *myself included!*: BOUNDARIES.

You might hate what I’m going to tell you: 

>>You get maximum productivity when you set boundaries.<<

Boundaries make even the most seasoned entrepreneurs uncomfortable because it means we’re putting ourselves and our needs first.

Friend, that’s a GOOD thing!

>>As an entrepreneur, you are your business. Your time and your sanity have to be top priority.<<

If you find it difficult to turn your brain off of work at the end of the day, read on to find out the three boundaries that I set in my business that not only keep me sane, but also keep me *pro-duc-tive*!

1. Setting Boundaries With Your Schedule

If you’re anything like me, you live and die by your schedule. Over the years, I’ve been able to ensure that my schedule was a well-oiled machine by instilling these three parameters for my business:

  • Decide when to take meetings. This may mean that you have specific time slots each day that you accept meetings, or you may choose to block off entire days with no meetings so you can have your head down and get work done.
  • Set office hours. Giving yourself and your clients dedicated office hours will prevent confusion and keep your work-life integration in check.
  • Determine your days off. It may seem counterintuitive to rest in order to be productive, but using non-working hours and days off to focus and recharge will help give you the little boost that you need to stay motivated.

Check out the video below to learn more about setting boundaries with your schedule, and read on to find out more ways to be productive in your business!

2. Setting Boundaries With Your Clients

Setting boundaries with your clients might be the hardest place to draw a line for your business, but without limits, there’s room for misinterpretation. Here are three ways you can ensure clear communication with your clients:

  • Be very clear on what they’re getting. Provide a list of detailed deliverables (i.e. things the client will be receiving, like consultations, photos, etc.) in the contract. 
  • Create an email autoresponder. Setting an autoresponder, even if you’re not out of the office, is a great way to let clients know when to expect a response from you. This reinforces a healthy business relationship without letting emotions get in the way.
  • Give them one way to contact you. This might sound CRAZY, but less is more in this case! If your clients have many ways of contacting you, it can feel very overwhelming and intrusive.

Check out the video below to learn more about setting boundaries with your clients, and read on for more productivity-boosting boundaries!

3. Setting Boundaries With Social Media

Social media is pretty much my BFF, but to ensure we don’t become “frenemies”, here are some ground rules I’ve put in place to make the most out of my scrolling:

  • Create a streamlined social media schedule. Scheduling provides clarity. Making social media part of your schedule is a great way to stay consistent with posting.
  • Use your phone to help you set limits. Check out the video below to see how you can adjust your phone settings to limit your time on social media!
  • Take a social media break. We all need vacations sometimes, right? The same is true when it comes to scrolling through social media. Give your fingers and your brain a break every once in a while with a social media detox!

There you have it, friend: three boundaries you can set in your business to keep your sanity and to-do list in check!

Believe me, I understand how hard it can be as a business owner to separate your life from your business.

Whenever I’m struggling with my work-life integration, 99% of the time it’s because I didn’t stick to the boundaries I set for myself.

*Take my advice, Buttercup. Once you’ve set boundaries, STICK TO THEM!*

>>Setting boundaries is a great way to prioritize your mental health and to make sure your life and your business are an accurate representation of your aspirations.<<

If you’re looking to further your productivity efforts, download my FREE Productivity Planner for a step-by-step guide on how I plan big projects and break them down into smaller, more manageable steps.

With these three boundaries serving as guidelines and the Productivity Planner serving as your map, you’ll be able to get things done quickly, efficiently, and successfully!